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Motivation and Self Improvement -- a Valuable Guide
The best guide to personal, sales and employee motivation and self improvement written by a former sales executive based on her personal experience.

Carolyn Jolly
A short biography about Carolyn Jolly, the author of the site

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Self Motivation
Describes the need for self motivation and outlines 10 self-motivation tips for those who need immediate help to become motivated.

Define Motivation
Define motivation for you and decide what are motivators for you to achieve your goals

When Positive Affirmations and Positive Thinking Aren't Enough
Describes what to do when positive affirmations and positive thinking don't make the desired changes in your life.

The Meaning of Success is Exclusively Yours
The meaning of success is yours and yours alone! The meaning of success is very personal, subjective and relative.

Sales Motivation
Sales Motivation is the Key to Selling Success and Selling is the Key to Business Success

Goal Setting -- a Different Approach
Describes a different method of goal setting for sales people

Positive Self Talk to Increase Sales
How to use positive self talk to stay motivated and increase sales.

Employee Motivation Comes from a Sense of Belonging
Employee Motivation Comes When Employees Feel at Home

Seven Employee Motivation Ideas that will make your Team Shine
Seven Employee Motivation Ideas that don't cost much but will change your workplace

Seven Employee Motivation Techniques that will have your Workplace Singing
Outlines seven employee motivation techniques that work in action

Finding Inner Peace can be about confronting your beliefs
Finding inner peace can be about confronting your fears and beliefs and finding your own truth.

Ten Signs of Spiritual Awakening Signal a Spiritual Revolution
How can you know if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening? Ten signs of spiritual awakening and a guide to improving your life and becoming a better person.

The Search For Inner Peace Requires Making Time to Pursue It
Seven ways to make the time and space in your life to search for inner peace.

Benefits of Meditation -- Seven Reasons to Learn to Meditate
Describes the benefits of meditation and how you can be helped in practical ways

Developing Intuition is a Skill you can Learn to Improve your Life
Developing intuition can be learned. This site has a free method for developing your intuition.

Developing Self Awareness is a Life-Changing Experience
You can change your life by developing self awareness. You can gain understanding of the underlying issues tied to your strengths and weaknesses.

Our Purpose in Life -- Find out

Discover your Life Purpose and Plan
How to discover the hidden clues to your life purpose and plan.

How to Build Self Confidence to Change your Life
These seven tips for how to build self confidence will change your life.

Self Confidence Building -- Five Steps for Newly-Hired Graduates
The best five self confidence building advice for newly-hired graduates from a former sales and consulting executive.

The Laws of Attraction Work for you to Improve Your Life
Describes the laws of attraction and energy patterns that can improve your life.

The Law of Abundance Now Works for You
The law of abundance is now working for those with good intention. Those who cheat and steal can no longer manipulate the law of abundance in their favor.

Links to Terrific Sites on the Web
Here are links to some great sites on the web.

About the Author of this Website

My name is Carolyn Jolly. My professional life has been in sales, marketing and IT management. Along the way I’ve been studying and experimenting with self improvement and personal development techniques for the past 20 years. I have had more than a few mind-blowing experiences and I’ve made some discoveries that have shaped my ideas. I’m now using this website to pass those ideas along.

Our world is changing very rapidly. Many of the constants and institutions we thought to be permanent are now crumbling or changing drastically. This website is dedicated to those interested in how to manage their lives in light of these changes or in just becoming a better person. I hope the information you find here will stimulate you to embark on your own voyage of motivation and self improvement.

I hope that you will find something here that interests you. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach me here.