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Ten Signs of Spiritual Awakening

What are the signs of spiritual awakening? How can you tell if you are in the midst of a genuine personal spiritual revolution, or if these are just signs of getting older?

Below I have listed ten signs of awakening. The true test is whether these things are happening spontaneously or not. You must be honest with yourself. If you are struggling to make any of these things happen, you are not yet undergoing a true awakening. The key is if these things are happening in your life effortlessly.

How do you make it effortless? I would suggest a program of meditation and developing self awareness. Continue to work with these tools and take a look at all of your issues—your fears, apprehensions, resistance, lack of confidence, etc. Eliminating these frequency patterns from your body and being will bring about the spiritual awakening that you desire. If you have been doing that work consistently, you can tell if you are experiencing a spiritual awakening by the presence of five or more of the following ten signs.

Ten Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #1

You find that your values are changing. You are experiencing a shift from a self-centered, narcissistic point of view to a world view. You are starting to recognize that you are one with everyone, regardless of circumstance.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #2

You find that you are no longer willing to go along to get along. Being asked to look the other way when wrongdoing occurs is no longer acceptable to you. This can be in the workplace or any other organization where you might have, in the past, never questioned a practice that you now perceive to be wrong.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #3

You find that you are becoming kinder and more . For example, perhaps the video of the latest natural disaster never touched you before, but you now feel compelled to do something special. The customary donation to a relief fund won’t do—you are driven to take off work, get in a car and drive to that location to do whatever you can to help.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #4

You no longer find pleasure in mindless activities. For example, maybe you realize that you are completely bored with watching so much television, or perhaps spending time in a bar with people you don’t really care about is no longer a fun activity. You decide to do something more productive with this time and you start to pursue a new hobby, career or self-improvement activity.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #5

You find that you don’t worry so much anymore. You are starting to develop a “c’est la vie” attitude towards life. You start to realize that, no matter what may come, you are able to handle it. You start to develop a quiet confidence. Situations that used to rattle you are suddenly easier to handle. You don’t sweat the small stuff and start to feel very comfortable in your own skin.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #6

You re-think long-term relationships. You may start to realize that you have surrounded yourself with people who really don’t wish you well. You may reflect on incidents over the years with certain “friends” that you have overlooked and now you are starting to wonder why. The result of this may be that you start attracting new people into your life who wish you well. You start to get restless. For example, you’re no longer satisfied with your current circumstance—you want a new place to live, a new partner or new social life.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #7

You develop a new appreciation for those in your life who really matter. You realize how much your spouse or partner means to you, you gain a new perspective about your parents and you adore your children more than ever. You start to develop more patience and even start to gain appreciation for those in your life who you have found, in the past, to be irritating or annoying. Situations that were previously annoying or irritating don’t seem to get to you any longer. You no longer lose it in traffic or with a problem co-worker.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #8

You start re-thinking your career choice. The tug of that profession that really “calls” to you is very strong now and won’t be denied. You start thinking of ways to shift out of your current circumstance so that you can pursue the dream that you have been denied. You start to gain new perspectives as to how you can make this dream come true.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #9

You have newfound energy to take on a self-improvement program like losing weight, stopping smoking or exercise. You might have struggled to do these things before, but now you find that the energy comes to you with no effort and you are very motivated to accomplish such a goal.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening #10

Your tastes start to change. Foods that you used to love don’t taste the same, but you’re finding a whole new world of different foods that you like even more. The same thing can be true of your tastes in music, art, literature, architecture, cars, etc.

Not everyone will experience these shifts, but these are a few signposts that you can look for along the way. The point is you can observe tangible change in your life as you pursue a spiritual path. Continue your spiritual path of meditation and clarifying your life purpose and everything will be in perfect order. I wish you well on your personal journey.

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