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What is Our Purpose in Life?

Everyone has developed their own ideas as to our purpose in life, I suppose, as there seems to be no real consensus in our society regarding the question, “why are we here?” Even most religions seem to gloss over this question, never really giving it a straight answer. I think that is because there can be no real proof for the answer. It’s not like, “what color is the sky?” For that question there is obviously proof for the answer—you look at the sky and we all agree that it is blue.

Have You Ever Asked
What is our Purpose in Life?

We don’t all agree, it seems, about our purpose in life. If you have a family, perhaps you would answer “to take care of my family”. If you are passionate about your work you might answer, “To be the best doctor/professor/business person” I can be. All of this is well and good, however, I believe that we have a higher calling. To deny this is to make ourselves smaller than we really are.

Our purpose in life is to make the most of our time here on earth, to complete our life plan and to learn the lessons included in that life plan. Yes, that’s right. We all have a specific life plan and our purpose in life is to complete that plan. Once we have completed that plan (or have chosen not to) we are free to pass into spirit or we can choose to stay on earth longer. Everything is our choice.

If you believe that you have a soul or a spirit, then you have a life plan. The energy on the earth is very dense and as such, provides opportunity for us to advance ourselves forward rather quickly. It would take far longer to do this in spirit where time and space doesn’t exist in the same way. That is why we come here and why most people find that life is so challenging. Our purpose in life is easy to discover if you start on a spiritual path.

Your life on earth is planned very carefully. Your life is not random as we have been led to believe. Your parents and life circumstances were chosen carefully by you and your guides in order to complete your life plan as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you have a good relationship with your parents and siblings then most likely you chose those people to be in your life to support you. You will play out your life lessons in other areas such as career, money or romantic relationships, but always have a strong primary support system. If your relationship with your parents is a challenge, then you should look very carefully at those relationships as they will provide the key to the lessons that you came here to learn. Finding out our purpose in life gets easier when you embark on a spiritual path.

Your spirit guides are accompanying you on this earth journey in order to help you learn those lessons. You have certain soul agreements with your guides and you may have soul agreements with others in your life. Regarding soul agreements with your guide or guides, they are there to point you in the right direction; however, there are certain things that they cannot tell you. That is because prior to this lifetime you had instructed them not to tell you no matter what. They cannot intervene in your life if this was part of your agreement.

Regarding soul agreements with others, this is usually a mutual learning experience. They are to learn how to deal with you and you are to learn how to deal with them. You will know when your agreement with them is complete if they suddenly disappear from your life.

Each of us decides how much we want to take on in this lifetime. Perhaps you had decided that you were a little bit weary of the learning experience from prior lives. In this case, you would have chosen a short agenda for your life purpose and plan and you would have a relatively easy life. If, however, you chose to learn a great deal in this lifetime, you might have created a life full of challenges in order to learn your lessons hard and fast.

The next time you start to judge someone else, keep this concept in mind. It will help you to understand what they are going through so that you can be more understanding. Sometimes when we are not struggling and we see someone who is, we tend to feel superior. In fact, the person who is struggling is learning what they came here to learn and should be admired, not pitied or judged. Our purpose in life is tied to our life plan and what we came here to learn.

Are you able to be clear about your life purpose and plan? Read further and you will discover some exercises and techniques to help you discover your plan. If you would like to share your story, please do so by contacting me here.

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