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My Life Purpose According
to my Spirit Guide

Knowing one’s life purpose is something that many people wonder about and creates many questions such as: What is my life about? Am I on the correct path? What is my life plan and how can it be revealed to me?

Messages from the Blue

Messages from the Blue is a section on this website devoted to information imparted to me by my primary spirit guide, Blue, that was obtained through automatic writing and channeling. In meditation sessions from 1992 until now Blue outlined my life purpose for me in great detail.

In October of 1992, I attended a hypnosis training course led by Dick Sutphen. I had been interested in spiritual alternatives for about five years and I was being drawn to learn hypnosis, although I wasn’t sure why. Even though I have used the tool of hypnosis in many, many ways to advance my spiritual knowledge since then, I now believe that the primary reason for attending this class was to get me to relax enough to meet my primary guide and receive information from him. He had much information to impart to me regarding my life purpose and plan.

Dick puts all participants into a light hypnotic trance when he teaches this class. He claims that doing so opens up the learning channels of the mind and enables the student to retain information more easily. After spending the first day in a light hypnotic trance, I was sufficiently “blissed out” to go to bed early. At around 3:00 a.m., I was having a wonderful dream of being a bright ball of light, soaring through the air over the mountains and fields that surrounded my hotel. Suddenly the bright ball of light filled my hotel room and woke me. I heard a voice repeatedly saying “Wake up, I want to talk to you.”

At the time this happened, I was a very serious business person not given to flights of fantasy. I had opened my mind to many possibilities, but being called out in the middle of the night by a disembodied voice wasn’t one of them. I literally thought I was going crazy. It took a few years for me to accept that this was my spirit guide talking to me. I challenged my guide to make certain things happen in my life as proof that this was really happening to me. At this time, I wasn’t yet ready to learn about my life purpose and plan.

Since this experience, I have explored many spiritual practices in order to learn who I am and what my life purpose is in coming to earth at this time. Some people that have heard this story have expressed envy that they, too, would like to be called out in the middle of the night to learn about their life purpose and plan and they would also like to have such a connection to their spirit guide. I encourage them to explore a practice called automatic writing in order to communicate and connect with their spirit guides.

Why was I given this wonderful experience and others were not? Perhaps because I was such a hard-core doubter that I needed some supernatural experience in order to believe what was happening to me. I don’t know the answer for sure, but I am coming to a more detailed explanation that feels very true for me.

We are living in an extraordinary time when our planet is ascending to its next level. Earth has had a very dense energy, allowing low level individuals to come here and wreak havoc. These low level people have actually controlled earth in the past. They are still with us and are responsible for all of the wars, hatred, poverty, illness, exploitation and planetary damage that we see around us. This has been going on since the 1930’s. As the planet ascends to her next level of evolution, the low-level’s are panicking as they know they are losing power. This is causing them to act out and push back, and we see the result in more and more spectacular wars, murder, financial collapse, hatred, racism, deception and deceit. It’s as if they have thrown their entire toolbox of mayhem at our poor planet and the rest of us in order to maintain power.

On the other hand, other people have become more and more spiritual during this time, with many seeking to find their own life purpose and trying to understand the bigger picture of “why are we here”. Many are becoming more altruistic, seeking to help others. One example of this is the program that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett developed giving away all of their wealth to charity, and their subsequent challenge to other billionaires to do the same.

We are seeing a strange duality in our world and we will continue to see it. In politics, the pendulum will swing back and forth with partisanship until it will finally rest somewhere in the middle. The United States and the western world will lead the way over the coming years, with other nations following suit in their own evolutionary timeframe.

My relationship with my spirit guide, Blue, has continued ever since he called me out in the middle of the night. He tells me that he and I had an agreement before I came into this lifetime that if I forgot my life purpose and what I came here to do, he would come to me to remind me. And indeed, he did. Not only did he remind me of my life purpose, he has presided over every aspect of my spiritual growth since 1992. He has taught me many lessons through automatic writing and channeling and I have kept all of this information in writing and in my heart.

Around 2009, our relationship changed. He stopped communicating with me. At the same time, I developed a greater self confidence that I had learned much of what I came here to learn in this lifetime. I sense that Blue is present, but I no longer go to him with any and all questions. Somehow I now know what to do. Blue tells me that the next step in my evolution and life purpose is to communicate what I have learned to those who are newly spiritually awakened.

This website is my vehicle for communicating the information that I have learned. In this section (as well as elsewhere on this site) you will find the writings that he has communicated to me since 1992. I can tell you, the reader, that these methods have been road-tested by me and my students and these methods absolutely work. If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. You can contact me here.

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