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The Laws of Attraction
Work for You to Improve Your Life

The Laws of Attraction have received a lot of attention over the past few years as it has been featured in several widely-read books and a movie. The laws state that you will attract into your life what you think about; negative thoughts will bring you negative outcomes and positive thoughts will bring you positive outcomes. Many people understand the basics of these universal laws, but most don’t know how or why they work.

Understanding the Laws of Attraction

To understand the laws of attraction we must first take a look at the laws of energy. Energy produces a charge and, for our purposes, you can think of the charge as either “plus” or “minus”. Energy has a magnetic pull and a “plus” energy charge will attract other “plus” charges and a “minus” charge will attract other “minus” charges. It is a “like attracts like” principle. Conversely, charges that are unlike one another will be repelled.

Our bodies, our minds and our spirits are made up entirely of energy that has been transformed into physical matter. The energy charges (many millions) that reside in your body are constantly under this push and pull of energy attraction and repellency. Deepak Chopra says in his book, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, that in order to manifest in our lives, there are two elements needed, energy and information. From my experience, this is how the laws of attraction work: The direction of the energy is led by the information that is supplied. We supply the information with our mental power through our intention and desire to create certain circumstances in our lives. An energy pattern is formed from our intention and desire. The energy will follow the resulting pattern and proceed to either attract or repel energy that will create our life circumstances.

Why is it, then, if the laws of attraction work that we don’t just automatically create the perfect circumstance for our lives? Don’t we all have the intention and desire to create favorable life situations? After all this is the principle behind the power of positive thinking. I believe that the theory of positive thinking is rather too simplistic. If that was the only force at play in the process many people would have easily created becoming lottery winners, Nobel Prize winners, etc.

The laws of attraction will work with whatever energy is present. There are energy patterns within us that can alter the energy pattern that we create with our intention. Let’s use the example of money. You might have created the perfect energy pattern for the perfect passive income situation in your life and you are frustrated that the laws of attraction apparently aren't working. You have set everything in place, done all the work diligently and you keep an absolutely positive outlook about your plan.

But let’s say that you came from a family that never had enough money. As you were growing up you remember hearing phrases like “money is hard to come by” and “our family is poor” or “we never have enough money”. Think of each one of these phrases as smaller energy patterns. If you can remember hearing these phrases spoken, then the energy pattern of that phrase resides within you. And that opposing energy pattern will alter or filter the energy pattern you have created for your perfect passive income plan. What that means is that you will receive an altered version of the plan in your life rather than the perfect plan. Perhaps it isn’t “passive” energy because “money is hard to come by” or perhaps it doesn’t produce enough money because “we never have enough money”. These filtering patterns can even prevent the plan from happening altogether.

And so you become very discouraged after all your hard work and nothing is happening using the laws of attraction. What is the answer? After all, we’re told that if we work hard enough everything will come our way. It’s important for you to remember that you are more powerful than this filtering pattern and that it can be eliminated for life. You can successfully alter the laws of attraction to suit your purpose.

Here is a little process to get rid of the filtering pattern:

  1. Put on some instrumental music and play it through headphones or good speakers. You can find some appropriate music here.
  2. Repeat to yourself, “I’m sensing the frequency and vibration of the phrase “money is hard to come by” three times.
  3. Now say “I shift any and all of these frequency patterns to their exact opposite polarities.”

Here are a couple of stories to illustrate my point about how fast things can happen when the energy is correct and complete. About six years ago, my husband was conducting a job search and nothing was happening. He and I had done a number of energy processes to identify which filtering patterns were preventing him from even getting an interview and still nothing was happening. One day I hit on a filtering pattern of “shame”. He had a memory of something about his grandfather. I worked with him to clear the filter and we finished our work that afternoon around 3:00 p.m. At 5:30 p.m. the telephone rang. It was a man who was CFO of a local company who had heard about my husband through a friend. He wondered if my husband could meet him for breakfast the next morning. At breakfast around 8:00 a.m. the next day, he hired my husband—no reference check, no background check, no offer letter, nothing. My husband was working the following Monday.

Remember what I said before, the laws of attraction will work with whatever energy is present. Can we create these energy patterns by accident? Absolutely we can. I learned the power of keeping my thoughts positive on a trip to the island of Kauai in 2004 where I was visiting with my friend and my husband. My friend was staying in a house a couple of blocks from the beach and one day we walked from her house to the beach. On the way she offered us all kinds of bug repellent because the mosquitoes were fierce that time of year.

For some reason I started to relate a story from my Midwestern youth about something far worse than mosquitoes that exists there, the dreaded chigger. I told her how chigger bites were far worse than mosquitoes, because the chiggers were virtually invisible, the bites itched far worse and lasted for several weeks. After we reached the beach, we sat under a tree a ways back from the shoreline. We all got in and swam for about an hour and then made our way back to the house. We didn’t see a single mosquito the entire afternoon. On the way back to the house I noticed about 8 large welts on my left arm and shoulder. I recognized them immediately as chigger bites. Do chiggers exist in Hawaii? I didn’t think so but apparently if they do, I attracted all of them on the island that day with my story. My husband and my friend were not bitten at all. So keep your thoughts positive and don’t relate any bad news or personal stories.

I hope you found something of interest in my explanation of the laws of attraction. These laws are the basis for a transforming self improvement program. I would love to hear your comments or questions. You can contact me here.

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