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Developing Intuition is Key to
Improving your Life

Why should you be interested in developing intuition? I would say to give you an advantage in living your life. If you are intuitive you can tell what others are thinking, understand what others are feeling, and help yourself to make the best choices for yourself and your family.

Developing Intuition is for Everyone

We are all intuitive. There are just some people who have worked on developing intuition more than others. But you can do this too. It’s not difficult and by the end of this page I will share an exercise with you that will help you along the way.

I believe that all of us would be consistently using our intuition to make decisions except for one simple fact—most of us don’t have the confidence that we can actually use our intuition. This is the most important thing you can do towards developing intuition—have faith that your intuition is correct. Certainly if you thought it was correct, you would use it all the time, right? How does one do this? I would say that you would have to have some concrete results with developing intuition in your own life to have confidence that it works.

The first step towards developing intuition is to learn to relax. Why? Intuition is sometimes referred to as ESP—extra-sensory perception. There have been a lot of scientific studies done over the years on ESP with mixed results. Some studies showed very positive results that ESP is valid; others showed results that were only consistent with random outcomes. The study that caught my eye, however, showed that participants who were put under hypnosis prior to the test doubled the results of the control group. Hypnosis involves relaxation techniques which take the hypnosis subject from beta consciousness (fully awake) to alpha consciousness (that state you’re in just before you fall asleep). Having worked with many hypnosis clients, I know that this type of relaxation increases your intuitive ability many times.

Developing Intuition Exercise

You don’t have to undergo hypnosis to get to this relaxation state. There are other ways that are actually more fun. For example, I have my clients listen to various types of music to learn to relax. Using good quality speakers or ear buds concentrate on the music while breathing deeply. The music selections range from lower octaves (drums, bass guitar notes, etc.) to the upper octaves (violins, chant, etc.). The musical vibrations “massage” the various energy centers of your body and relax you. You can find some appropriate music selections here.

I have also found that a quiet, leisurely walk in nature can do the same thing. Trees have a very high vibration and affect us by relaxing the body. Evergreen and eucalyptus trees are good at this and have a high vibration, but any stand of trees will do. Take a walk among the trees and flowers and really breathe in their fragrance. Continue with the deep breathing as you enjoy nature. You will be relaxed in no time.

Once you are relaxed, here is a method that you can practice to help you “read” information with your body. We are going to be  asking your body to interpret a “yes” or “no” answer to any questions that come up. In the beginning, this is best done lying down in a meditative state. Say to your body, “Show me how ‘yes’ feels”. Now wait. After a few minutes you will begin to sense or feel a slight vibration on either the right or left side of your body. Make a note of which side of the body a “yes” answer is for you. Now say to your body, “Show me how ‘no’ feels”. Again wait for the slight vibration to appear, this time on the opposite side. Practice this every day until the vibration becomes strong enough for you to sense it when you are not lying down. In other words, so that you can use this tool in everyday life when there are distractions around you.

Now you can start to practice developing intuition. As situations come up in your life, ask your body the question, “Is this a yes or a no?” Then write down (or do it mentally) the answer you get based on which side of your body is vibrating. Wait for the result and compare your intuitive answer with the actual result. Continue to do this with any questions that you have. Over time as you practice this, your results will become more and more accurate. In fact, I think you will be surprised at the results right away. If you find that you are not being intuitive with this method, I would suggest that you do more of the relaxation exercises.

Developing intuition is a skill that can be learned if you are willing to practice and can lead to developing self awareness. If you try the practice that I describe here, I would love to hear from you about your results. You can contact me here.

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