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Motivation and Self Improvement Work Together For Change!

We all need motivation at one time or another. Maybe for you motivation is personal—to lose weight, save money or to create a better family life. For me, in my former sales and sales management positions, it was critical to learn motivation techniques or risk not meeting my sales goals. Everyone who works for a living knows how important it is to stay motivated at work. And it’s becoming more and more difficult to do that due to the pressures of competition, downsizing and the economy. You just wish you could feel good about getting out of bed in the morning.

Self Motivation Ten Tips for Those Who Need Motivation Now! 

Sales Motivation is the Key to Selling Success 

Employee Motivation Comes from a Sense of Belonging 

Leadership and Management are Different

Self Hypnosis can Improve your Life  by helping you become relaxed and centered.

Developing Intuition is a Skill you can Learn to Improve your Life 

Our Purpose in Life -- Find out "why are we here?" 

How to Build Self Confidence to Change your Life 

Positive Thinking can Change your Life Overnight 

On this site I write extensively about personal motivation, sales motivation, employee motivation and self improvement. Perhaps you’re the boss and you’re trying to figure out why your employees aren’t motivated. There are answers for you as well.

I started my self-help journey by using self hypnosis. If you would like to use hypnosis to better your life, here is an excellent source for some downloads to get you started:

Self hypnosis downloads from hypnosis downloads.com

Search our hypnosis library below or view over 800 hypnosis downloads

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Put Motivation and Self Improvement Concepts to Work in Your Life

If you like the motivation concepts and you want to take it further towards self improvement, I include a thorough guide to self improvement derived from my own experience of 20 years of studying self improvement. All of the concepts that I write about on this site have been tested by me in the most trying of circumstances—working in sales for three different Fortune 500 companies, working as a management consultant for one of the world’s biggest consulting firms and dealing with a chronic, debilitating disease.

I found that the more I worked on self improvement, the easier it was to make my sales goals. And the easier it was to help the people who worked for me to make their goals. So I became fascinated by the process. I have continued studying and writing about these concepts for 20 years. I found that this process is applicable to every area of our lives because we came to this earth to evolve as human beings—to become better people. More and more people are seeking information about bettering their lives and personal development.

I have taught these concepts to many people over the years. A lot of them ask me this question when they are in the “awakening” stages, “How do I know what to do next?” You will find the answer to that question in the Life Purpose section of this website where I have included the steps to self improvement.

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This Site Provides Answers to Important Questions

Why is this site different? Because I give you free information and processes to change your life.

I hope you enjoy the site and I invite you to contact me with any questions or comments that you may have. I wish you all the best as you pursue your goals.

I invite you to send me any comments or questions. You can contact me here.

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About the Author of this Website

My name is Carolyn Jolly. My professional life has been in sales, marketing and IT management. Along the way I’ve been studying and experimenting with self improvement and personal development techniques for the past 20 years. I have had more than a few mind-blowing experiences and I’ve made some discoveries that have shaped my ideas. I’m now using this website to pass those ideas along.

Our world is changing very rapidly. Many of the constants and institutions we thought to be permanent are now crumbling or changing drastically. This website is dedicated to those interested in how to manage their lives in light of these changes or in just becoming a better person. I hope the information you find here will stimulate you to embark on your own voyage of motivation and self improvement.

I hope that you will find something here that interests you. If you have any questions or comments, you can reach me here.